Information is vital to every aspect of work, school, and play. Keeping track of, and managing information can be quite a challenge. However, with the help of technology, it becomes quite possible to manage important information with relative ease. Specifically, web applications can be a great aid for people who need to keep track of a wide variety of informational tidbits every day.

  1. Financer — This fantastic web application can help you keep track of your finances, which is a great plus.
  2. Check List — This incredible web application allows you to make check lists, so you can check off tasks and stay organized.
  3. Heap CRM — This CRM web application is great for businesses who need help keeping track of customer information. In today’s information age, having the tools you need to succeed will give you a leg up on the competition.
  4. Noter2 Lite — Organized people use notes to help themselves stay on task. However, even the most diligent person can have so many notes that they themselves get confused. This application helps you to manage your notes.
  5. Timer — Knowing how long it takes you to complete tasks can make you more effective in every facet of your life. This application allows you to track many different timers so you can improve.
  6. WaldeP@y — Managing personal finances can be a challenge. However with this application you can have an overview of your budget and manage a significant amount of your financial information all in one place.
  7. Goal Happy — Setting goals and achieving them is the mark of an intelligent person. This application will allow you to set many goals and you can get started on achieving them.
  8. Mednet – Surgical Center Management app — For persons in the medical profession, this excellent app will allow you to keep track of a wide variety of important medical information which can significantly help your patients.
  9. OnsiteTag — You can track employees on site work with this application, which makes managing easier and will probably lead to increased productivity.
  10. SimpleFoodie Mobile — Shopping can be a real challenge sometimes, as well as recipe planning. This easy-to-use application takes all the burden out of your brain and puts it into an amazing web sanctum.