Informatics is a growing field. Professionals in this field combine skills in communication, management and computer science to work in many different industries and fields. Essentially, if you’re an informatics professional, you, by nature have to manage a lot of information and communication using technology on a day to day basis. There’s no better profession for using web applications to track data, manage data and stay organized. Here are 18 web applications we think you’ll find useful.

For Your iPhone

  1. OmniFocus: This task management application allows you to create to do lists, as well as sync with documents on your desktop. This application can really help you stay organized, which is especially important if you bounce between your office and visiting clients in their homes.
  2. Google Calendar: Check your Google calendar from anywhere. You never have to worry about being out of touch just because you don’t go into the office.
  3. Full Screen Web Browser: Does just what it says: lets you browse in full screen.
  4. Evernote: You’ll never take notes on paper again. It’s so easy to take notes on your phone and save them or file them.
  5. AirSharing: A great way to share files: AirSharing allows you to mount your iPhone or iPod Touch as a wireless drive on any computer, drag and drop files and then view them on your device.
  6. Bento: A personal database on the go. You can manage all your information in one spot.
  7. iBlueSky: A great brainstorming application for getting ideas out of your head an into a document.
  8. Analytics HD: If your responsibilities include tracking online server activity, this is the ideal app for doing that across many servers and sites. While it provides only a limited view of the total Google Analytics picture, it provides the right views; exceptional trending and stats that are necessary for quick checks and meetings.
  9. Go to Meeting: If your company has a GoToMeeting account, this is an ideal app to help you keep partners and staff in sync while engaging in meetings. You can’t take control of the meeting but the audio feature works great with or without earbuds and the mic. This is the ideal app for multi-casting training content to a group of people with iPads and/or iphones.
  10. PHP Cheat Sheet: Dictionary of PHP syntax. This one comes in handy for everybody sometimes.

For Your Android

  1. SwiFTP: This application allows you to FTP to your phone from any machine on the internet. You’ll love being able to do quick file transfers right to your Android.
  2. Wifi Buddy: Wifi Buddy is a Wifi network scanner tool. The screen shows all nearby Wi-Fi stations, the quality of their signal, and their chosen broadcast channel. This one is great for when you’re out of the office and need to work remotely.
  3. Folder Organizer: This app lets you organize your apps, bookmarks, contacts and shortcuts by creating labels. You can also customize the icons for the labels that you create. You can really make your phone more organized and easier to use by taking advantage of this application.
  4. Factbook: A reference app for your Android that can answer pretty much any question you can ask. Let’s say, for example, you want to know the population of Mexico. Well, with this app: just ask!
  5. Informant: Use your phone to record meetings or conversations. Can be set to record in advance, so that you don’t have to do anything to activate recording at the proper time.
  6. Upvise: This Android app lets you access and share business information with your team when you’re traveling.

For Your Portable USB Drive and Computer

  1. Open Office: Open Office is a portable version of Microsoft Office. It includes a word processor, spreadsheet, presentation tool, drawing package and database.
  2. Footnote: Footnote is a large online repository of historical documents.

With these applications and many others you’ll find out on the web, you’ll be amazed at how much more productive and organized you can be; in both your work life and your home life!