The Ultimate Guide to Informatics Open Courseware

Students of Informatics can find the leading edge resources to analyze, research and create computer systems and technology online. Open Courseware is everywhere, making answers and information easily accessible to students.

  1. For those in Medical and Health informatics, open courseware from colleges like MIT provide students with information on MRIs, X-Rays, Medical computing, and medical artificial intelligence. In the open courseware classes, students are taught about the technology needed to identify conditions, create models, and put medical theory into practice.
  2. The intersection of computer science, information science and health care is a fascinating field, and some of the leading universities offer classes to give students a foundation in the biological aspects in addition to the technological aspects of Health Informatics. The University of Utah for example, offers an overview of Human Physiology. And, the Western Governor’s University has images and information on how the body works system by system.
  3. Other background in Informatics is useful, like Global Issues in Information Technology – a course from Weber State University that teaches how information technology is used in our society, and the privacy concerns that result.
  4. iTunes U is a resource you might not expect for learning about informatics, but its Graphic Design lecture series from Miami Dade College can be helpful in teaching you how to best present information.
  5. The University of Edinburgh’s Informatics department offers a range of open courseware materials like 5-minute introductions to their informatics courses, and course materials including video and audio lectures. You can start learning informatics through one of the top universities in the world, and never have to leave your living room.
  6. Some of the top informatics professionals in the world come from Japan. If you look at your computer, it was probably made in Japan, and for good reason. Japanese technology has been leading the way for the past decade. The Tokyo Institute of Technology offers free access to open courseware materials for users around the world. Check out their website – it’s in English – for information on courses and the “favorite lecture list” which may or may not come with an accent.
Posted by William Lim
on May 18, 2010

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