Top 50 Blogs About Data Mining and Warehousing

Data mining, a part of information science, is the process of extracting patterns from data, and it’s an important part of transforming that data into real information that businesses can use to streamline marketing, surveillance, fraud detection, and scientific discovery. This list of the top 50 blogs about data mining and warehousing offers ideas on how data mining works, why and how it is used, and what the resultant textual and visual patterns and relationships mean.

ClusteringData Mining and Warehousing

  1. Blog by Tim Manns (data mining blog): A blog about data mining, analyzing terabyte data warehouses, SPSS Clementine, SAS Enterprise Miner and telecommunications.
  2. Data Miners Blog: A place to read about topics of interest to data miners.
  3. Data Mining – Improve your CRM marketing with data and cloud mining.
  4. Data Mining et al: This blogger’s interests are focused on data mining and computational intelligence, especially on the application side with regard to renewable energies and related topics.
  5. Data Mining Research: This blogger covers both research and applications in data mining.
  6. Data Mining World: This blog offers ways to mine data through free internet resources.
  7. Datalligence: This blog covers data mining, survey data analytics, CRM and marketing research.
  8. Engineering RapLeaf: The backend blog for RapLeaf, a company that offers companies and consumers ways to track their online experiences.
  9. MarkTab Data Mining: This blog is part of the larger MarkTab.Net data mining portal, which provides information on data mining in general, and Microsoft Data Mining in particular.
  10. Measuring Measures: Bradford Cross is interested in maths, statistics, computer science, learning theory, network theory, information retrieval, natural language processing and engineering at scale.
  11. My Data Mining Weblog: Look to this new site for a compilation of data mining news and links.
  12. No Free Hunch: This is the official Kaggle blog covering Kaggle news, competition findings and other interesting data-prediction related news and info.
  13. Predictive Analytics World: Predictive Analytics World, the blog, is run by Eric Siegel, Ph.D., president of Prediction Impact, Inc., and chair of the Predictive Analytics World conference.
  14. The Text Frontier: This blog is about text mining, voice mining and unstructured data analysis.

Machine LearningMachine Learning

  1. Byte Mining: Ryan Rosario blogs about data mining, machine learning, programming languages, open-source software and more.
  2. Informaniac: An applied researcher at Microsoft FUSE Labs works on incorporating the latest research in machine learning and probabilistic modeling into new applications and services.
  3. Learning in Vision: This graduate student focuses on machine learning, computer vision and interactions between the two.
  4. Machine Learning, etc: This long-running blog (since 2005) provides technical basics from Yaroslav Bulatov.
  5. Machine Learning (Theory): This is an experiment in the application of a blog to academic research in machine learning and learning theory by John Langford.
  6. Machined Learnings: Paul Mineiro currently is employed at eHarmony utilizing machine learning to help people find their true love. This blog is all about data-mining love.
  7. Nuit Blanche: This blog focuses on Compressed Sensing and making sense of high dimensional data.
  8. SAS Programming for Data Mining Applications: This bog is all about SAS programming focusing on machine learning algorithms’ implementation.
  9. Social Media, Data Mining & Machine Learning: The title of this blog says it all, with the emphasis on data mining.
  10. This Number Crunching Life: “Randomness in the world with a smattering of other randomness” with an emphasis on data and machine learning.
  11. Tombone’s Blog: This blog covers the philosophy of computational object recognition, scene understanding, machine learning, and musings on the future of computer vision.
  12. TunedIT Data Mining Blog: TunedIT, a data mining researchers’ and practitioners’ Web site offers topics on data mining, machine learning, artificial intelligence and their applications.

InfographicData Visualization

  1. Biofusion Design: Vu Nguyen is a designer and devel­oper spe­cial­iz­ing in user inter­faces and inter­ac­tion design.
  2. Data Mining: Text Mining, Visualization and Social MediaData Mining and Predictive Analytics: Matthew Hurst is a technologist interested in AI, NLP, text/data mining, visualization and social media.
  3. Digital Urban: This blog, written by Dr. Andrew Hudson-Smith, recently was voted one of the Top 5 Web 2.0 Blogs by PC Pro Magazine.
  4. Flowing Data: Nathan Yau highlights how designers, programmers, and statisticians are putting data to good use.
  5. Information Aesthetics: Inspired by Lev Manovich’s definition of “information aesthetics,” this weblog explores the symbiotic relationship between creative design and the field of information visualization.
  6. Juice Analytics: Juice Analytics is an expert in designing and developing information-rich applications that connect people with their data in meaningful, intuitive and productive ways.
  7. Junk Charts: A popular blog that recycles “chart junk as junk art.”
  8. Michal Migurski: Michal Migurski is the technology head at Stamen, a San Francisco design and development studio focused on data visualization and map-making.
  9. Neoformix: Jeff Clark enjoys “discovering the patterns in the apparent chaos of real life data and exploring new techniques for communicating what I discover in a visually compelling manner.”
  10. The Noisy Channel: Daniel is passionate about information retrieval and information science.

Long TailData and Numbers, Business Intelligence

  1. Business Analytics: The latest developments in data mining, predictive modeling, marketing analytics, artificial intelligence, analytics, intelligent agents, semiconductors, distributing computing, and network security.
  2. CoolData Blog: This blog focuses on analytics, predictive modeling and related data information for fundraising in higher education.
  3. Data Mining at Business Exchange: Business Exchange offers a wide variety of issues related to data mining on the business side.
  4. Jeff Jonas: A collection of thoughts on information management and privacy in the information age.
  5. JT on EDM: James Taylor is a leading expert in decision management and an independent consultant specializing in helping companies automate and improve critical decisions.
  6. Kevin Hillstrom: MineThatData: Kevin helps CEOs understand how customers interact With products, brands, and channels.
  7. Life Analytics: Themos Kalafatis focuses on the practical applications of data mining, text mining and information extraction.
  8. Occam’s Razor: Take a deep look at Web analytics from Avinash Kaushik’s perspective.
  9. Steve Miller BI Blog: This information management blog covers all thing business intelligence.
  10. The Data Doghouse: Enjoy observations on the business and technology of performance management, business intelligence and data warehousing.
  11. The Data Warehouse Insider: This blog about data warehousing is provided by Oracle.
  12. The Numbers Guy: The Numbers Guy examines numbers in the news, business and politics.
  13. The Numerati: The Numerati looks at the explosion of digital data and the rise of the applied math gurus who use it to model and predict the behavior of shoppers, voters, patients, terrorists, and even lovers.
  14. Tom H. C. Anderson — Next Gen Market Research: Tom H. C. Anderson founded Anderson Analytics in 2005 as the first full service online market research firm to leverage data and text mining with other online research techniques.

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