30 Amazing and Helpful Tutorial Sites for Informatics Students

Technology has exploded recently, and the ability to collect and share data is increasingly important. Indeed, informatics as a career field is growing. If you know how to use data to tell a story, then you might be well-suited for a career in informatics. Learning about informatics, and how the study of data can help society, can give you an edge.

While informatics can be useful in fields like business, sociology, politics and the arts, medical informatics is one of the fastest growing fields right now. The intersection between health care and data provides doctors and other medical professionals insight into patient care, and into various trends. Study hard, and focus on the health care aspect of informatics and you could find a good career in informatics.

If you are an informatics student, it’s important that you learn as much as you can. As is fitting for a career field rooted in technology, you can find a number of helpful resources online. As you study informatics, here are 30 useful sites for tutorials on informatics:

Information About Informatics

Use these web sites to give you a broad based understanding of informatics, and how informatics can be used in a variety of settings. Instruction in the fundamentals of informatics, and understanding what they can be used for, are important facets of being an effective informacist.

  1. Open Clinical: Provides information on health care informatics. Includes tutorials on the research done using informatics, and how the field can be useful in a number of areas.
  2. The Definition of Health Informatics: This helpful eHow tutorial offers background on informatics, comparisons between different types of informatics, and different theories about informatics. A great place to start.
  3. Health Information Technology: Visit this resource from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality for more information about informatics, and tools for better data gathering.
  4. American Medical Informatics Association: Offers information about informatics, how the field can be used, and great tools for improving the quality of health care through the proper application of information.
  5. American Nursing Informatics Association – Caring: Get insight into health care informatics, interesting techniques, and more.
  6. Healthcare Information Management Systems Society: This global society is devoted to the use of informatics. Find tools, tutorials and hints for better health care through the application of informatics.
  7. National Information Center on Health Services Research and Health Care Technology: A look at health care, health services and information. A great resource for health care informatics and tutorials, as well as tools.
  8. Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology: You can visit this web site to learn more about different ways informatics helps medicine. While there, check out resources and tutorials.
  9. Health Informatics: A great Q&A about health informatics, and why the field is important.
  10. Medical Informatics Section: A great tutorial on the history of medical informatics, and the advances made in the field, as well as what it can be used for.
  11. Library Informatics: This web site offers access to different papers regarding library informatics and research.

Detailed Informatics Tutorials

If you are looking for specific information on different areas of informatics, these tutorials can help you. Use them to learn how date should be recorded, analyzed and presented, as well as interpreted. Great resource for the informatics student.

  1. Bioinformatics Tutorial: A helpful tutorial on bioinformatics. Students can learn more about informatics and how to better integrate information.
  2. Evidence Based Medicine Information: This tutorial will help you learn more about health information and how to properly access the data you need.
  3. NYU Center for Health Informatics and Bioinformatics: These seminars and tutorials can help you get a better understanding of informatics. Some are password protected, while others are available for all.
  4. Competency Tutorials: Learn more about informatics as related to nursing. Great tutorials from the Nursing Informatics web site.
  5. Online Tutorials: Use these tutorials from the Health Sciences Library at the University of Colorado to learn more about informatics.
  6. Clinical Information Management and Technology (CIM&T) in Healthcare (Health Informatics): This virtual classroom presentation is a great way to learn about informatics, and learn about its usages and set up information systems.
  7. Healthcare Informatics: A great intro into informatics, and includes tutorials on evaluating web information.
  8. Finding Health Statistics Online: Use this tutorial to find data online. It’s a great primer for beginning research, and learning to use informatics.
  9. Bioinformatics Tutorials: A great resource on different areas related to bioinformatics. Use this site to get a better idea of what you can do as a student.

Health Care IT Blogs and Informatics Blogs

Because health care informatics is a career that is gaining a lot of traction, it can be helpful to read IT blogs and informatics blogs. These blogs often include helpful hints, as well as tutoring on practical uses for your knowledge of informatics.

  1. Healthcare Informatics: Latest articles, headlines and tutorials on informatics in health care. A helpful and informational resource.
  2. Informatics Professor: Covers different areas of health informatics. Offers different tips about informatics, as well as commentary on the latest studies, techniques and more.
  3. Health Informatics Forum: It’s not exactly a blog, but it’s a great social network for informatics professionals and students. Get how-to information and be tutored by experts.
  4. Meaningful Health IT News: Learn about informatics and health care IT in a way that is useful and applicable in the real world.
  5. Healthcare IT News: Latest on health care information technology. A great resource for the intersection of health news and data.
  6. The Healthcare IT Guy: Takes a look at issues related to health care, and other industry issues. Includes regulatory information, compliance and other helpful hints.
  7. Government Health IT: A look at the latest developments in healthcare IT, and what is going on specifically related to government. A great industry blog that includes headlines, how-tos and other useful resources.
  8. FierceHealthIT: Another great industry blog devoted to healthcare IT, and informatics.
  9. Laboratory Informatics Blog: A great look at what’s happening in the world of lab informatics. Looks at workflow, complex harmonization, and ¬†using to spot trends and adjust matters.
  10. Legal Informatics Blog: Get a little insight and help when it comes to legal informatics. Great resource for students.

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