Career Possibilities With a Masters in Informatics

A master’s degree in informatics prepares you to work in a social science or medical science role, but with information technology, computer science, and networking. With this type of degree, you’ll be eligible for top positions in the field. Let’s take a look at some of the career possibilities within informatics.

Medical/Biological Informatics Jobs

Informatics students have tons of opportunities in the medical or biological field, with more and more facilities (labs, hospitals, etc) hiring teams of informatics professionals. In this kind of role, you could do tasks such as compiling statistics, helping facilities safely store records in a legally-compliant and efficient way, developing new ways for medical professionals to share information, and more. These are some of the most important jobs in healthcare, since poor informatics systems canĀ  mean medical mistakes and other problems.

Business Informatics

Informatics is a field that combines human reaction and computer programs, so it can be extremely helpful in the business world. In the business world, you could work storing information, connecting business sectors, predicting the future business climate, and more. Informatics workers in the business field can also work in a a more general IT role, and your master’s degree in this field allows you to qualify for top positions, including manager or other leadership roles.

Informatics Research

Research in the informatics work is important to continue moving this field forward. If you’re interested in challenging work that has you developing cutting-edge technologies, you should definitely consider an informatics job in research. These roles sometimes require a doctorate degree, much like you’d earn if you were interested in teaching in the field.

Consultant Work

Some informatics workers don’t work for an individual company, but rather serve in a consultant role. You can do this with a consultant company or you can work in a more freelance way, helping clients with their informatics needs. Most workers in this type of role specialize in a specific type of informatics, but it depends on the role you want to take. The advantage to working as a consultant is that you’ll be doing something different all the time, but on the flip side, this is not as stable of a career option.

Master's Degrees in Health and Biomedical Informatics

Northcentral University
MBA: Mgmt Info Systems
Northcentral University » NCU is a very popular school for online education among working professionals or those with family obligations and offers an MBA in Computer Science and in Information Systems Management. These programs are designed to be completed entirely online with a pace that is comfortable to you.
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Walden University
BSN to MSN: Informatics
RN to MSN: Informatics
Walden University » At Walden University, students in the MS in Health Informatics, BSN to MSN - Informatics, and RN to MSN - Informatics programs are on the cutting-edge of healthcare issues. Courses teach the skills of improving the diagnosis, treatment, and outcomes of diseases; reducing costs; increasing access; and effectively using electronic data to improve the efficiency of healthcare services.
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