Masters in Informatics Scholarships, Grants and Loans

When you start thinking about procuring scholarships, grants, and loans to get your masters in informatics then you need to understand the differences between these 3 forms of financial assistance. You may want to target one form over another depending on which fits you best. All the money you can get to pay for your masters is good but if you focus your search then it might be more fruitful.


Scholarships for a masters in informatics are usually based on academic achievement. This means that if you possess a sterling academic record then you can make scholarships the primary focus of your search for money for school. You can check for grants too and you should but if academics have always been your strong suit then lead with that. Whatever can set you apart from the masses looking for money for school is worth using to its fullest potential.


Grants, unlike scholarships, tend to be based more upon financial need than they are academics. So what does this mean for you? Well, if your academic history doesn’t exactly shine then you might want to go more for grants. This way you may get funds should you qualify, based on your financial need without having to worry about your past academic performance competing with everyone else’s. Don’t completely dismiss scholarship applications but concentrate on grants.


Loans are for anyone who needs more money to go to school. Loans help to pick up the slack when you’ve exhausted what options you have with grants and scholarships. Just make sure you get terms you can live with.

When you seek grants, scholarships, and loans for a masters in informatics, know your strengths. This will help you to focus your search for financial assistance if you apply and qualify. But never forget that you should try everything because sometimes dumb luck prevails.

Master's Degrees in Health and Biomedical Informatics

Northcentral University
MBA: Mgmt Info Systems
Northcentral University » NCU is a very popular school for online education among working professionals or those with family obligations and offers an MBA in Computer Science and in Information Systems Management. These programs are designed to be completed entirely online with a pace that is comfortable to you.
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Walden University
BSN to MSN: Informatics
RN to MSN: Informatics
Walden University » At Walden University, students in the MS in Health Informatics, BSN to MSN - Informatics, and RN to MSN - Informatics programs are on the cutting-edge of healthcare issues. Courses teach the skills of improving the diagnosis, treatment, and outcomes of diseases; reducing costs; increasing access; and effectively using electronic data to improve the efficiency of healthcare services.
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