Technology has exploded recently, and the ability to collect and share data is increasingly important. Indeed, informatics as a career field is growing. If you know how to use data to tell a story, then you might be well-suited for a career in informatics. Learning about informatics, and how the study of data can help society, can give you an edge.

While informatics can be useful in fields like business, sociology, politics and the arts, medical informatics is one of the fastest growing fields right now. The intersection between health care and data provides doctors and other medical professionals insight into patient care, and into various trends. Study hard, and focus on the health care aspect of informatics and you could find a good career in informatics.

If you are an informatics student, it’s important that you learn as much as you can. As is fitting for a career field rooted in technology, you can find a number of helpful resources online. As you study informatics, here are 30 useful sites for tutorials on informatics:

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Data mining, a part of information science, is the process of extracting patterns from data, and it’s an important part of transforming that data into real information that businesses can use to streamline marketing, surveillance, fraud detection, and scientific discovery. This list of the top 50 blogs about data mining and warehousing offers ideas on how data mining works, why and how it is used, and what the resultant textual and visual patterns and relationships mean. [click to continue…]